U4 distribution map

Here is one of the only U4 Distribution maps Ive found.  If any of you have a better one, shoot me an email. The darker the area, the more U4's there are.


Manar Ahmad said...

I am of Indian origin (as in South Asian Indian not American Indian) and was amazed to find out that I am in Haplogroup U4. Could this be a mistake?

Debbie Kennett said...

It's not a mistake it's just that most of the studies seem to have been done by Russians and not so many samples have been taken in India. U4 is an Indo-European haplogroup. It's found at low frequencies in India and Europe. We have two people from India in the haplogroup U4 project at Family Tree DNA:


FTDNA don't currently have that many customers in India.

Anonymous said...

So Im from Finland and have european and Indian mtdna. How far away is that Indian DNA,or is it mistake ? European c.90%and Indian c.10%.

Debbie Kennett said...

U4 has a very wide spread across the whole of Europe and Asia spreading out into North Africa. Have a look at the distribution using the map for the U4 project:


You'll need to Select All to get the map to display. The U4 project is biased towards people of European perhaps they are the people who are more likely to pay out for a DNA test.

Which company have you tested with? If you've tested with FTDNA do join our U4 project:


There is also a very large Finland DNA project:


There are many different subclades of U4 and knowing which subclade you belong to will give you greater geographical specificity. You would normally need to take the full mitochondrial sequence test to find out your subclade but sometimes it can be predicted if the branch-defining mutations are in HVR1 or HVR2.